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Ana Sommer

Front End Developer, based in Norway

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Exam Project

Exam project at NorOff School, blog site - design prototype was made in Figma, site self is built with HTML, CSS, Javascript and Wordpress as a headless CMS as an REST API.

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Semester Project

Semester project at NorOff Front End Development school. Prototype of design made in Adobe xD and the page built with only HTML&CSS.

Rainy Days Website

Course assignment project at NorOff School, where I made website prototype using Adobe xD and built site with HTML & CSS, interactivity was added at a later stage using Javascript and Wordpress REST API.

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Portfolio Project

SheCodes Responsive project built using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. I learned a lot about media quieries by building this project.

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Weather Project

I've built a Vanilla JavaScript weather app using my previously-gained knowledge in HTML and CSS and I also became skilled in Bootstrap.

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Todo project preview

ToDo List App

Very simple To Do list app built using Vanilla JavaScript. I did it just for fun and for gaining more muscle memory of DOM manipulations.

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Interactive Form

Interactive form built with Vanilla Javascript for getting more practice with HTML forms and DOM manipulations.

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React dictionary project preview

React Dictionary App

I've used my knowledge of React and API's to build a working dictionary app incorporating coding best practices, along with the most popular tools and technologies.

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React Weather App

Refactored version of Weather App project but this time using Bootstrap, API's, real-life development workflow, hosting, and React. I combined all of these skills to create fully-functional weather app.

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